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Shadow Work Residential Workshop

Shadow Work has been described as the "Champagne" of personal development.  It's a profoundly powerful group experience.  The weekend offers participants the opportunity to explore their inner landscape.  It helps provide a framework for understanding one's emotional circuitry and beliefs, which are often taken on from early childhood.  


Participants are offered the choice to undertake their own individual piece of Shadow Work as a way of exploring pain, suffering, fears and anger.  It creates a powerful opportunity to learn how to live more fully through healing and integration.

We believe that this deep inner emotional and somatic work allows for shifts to happen.  It might involve tears and anger.  Participants frequently leave feeling lighter, stronger and centred.

We wholeheartedly believe the work can only be experienced in a residential and spiritual setting.  We host our residential retreats at the luxurious Vedanta, Lincolnshire.

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What is it...

Group Shadow Work is a transformative and introspective process that brings individuals together in a shared exploration of their deepest, often unconscious, aspects of themselves.  It is a courageous journey undertaken collectively, where participants delve into the hidden recesses of their psyches to confront unresolved emotions, suppressed desires and at times unacknowledged fears.  In this profound exploration, the group serves as a supportive container to create a safe environment for vulnerability, reflection and growth.

Through various therapeutic techniques of movement, paired work, discussion and visualisation, individuals will have the opportunity to undertake a piece of Shadow Work within the supportive boundaries of the group.  

The experience offers a profound opportunity for self-discovery, healing and personal transformation, as participants courageously confront their shadow material, bringing it into the light with compassion and understanding.

Groups are typically made up of between 8 - 12 participants, including 2- 3 Certified Shadow Work Facilitators.

What are shadows...

Carl Jung's concept of the shadow refers to the unconscious aspects of an individual's personality that are often hidden or repressed.  It represents the darker, less desirable elements that are not acknowledged or integrated into one's conscious self.  The shadow can emerge both consciously and unconsciously, impacting behaviour and perceptions.


An illustrative example would be a person who prides themselves on being kind and compassionate, but harbours deep-seated anger and aggression.  If this person suppresses or denies their aggressive tendencies, it can lead to the shadow taking control subconsciously, manifesting as outbursts of anger or passive-aggressive behaviour that seemingly come out of nowhere.


Recognising and integrating these shadow aspects is essential for achieving a more holistic and balanced sense of self.

Is it for me...

Group Shadow Work is not suitable for everyone.  Suitability is considered in the context of an individual's level of personal development, emotional stability and their ability to effectively navigate challenging experiences. 


Shadow Work can be an intense experience within a group setting and can evoke strong emotions, potentially triggering unresolved traumas.  Participants are skilfully navigated through the whole experience and choose how deep they wish to delve into their shadows.  It is crucial for participants to have a strong foundation of self-awareness and emotional resilience before embarking on the experience.  Having a supportive network post the workshop is vital to integrate the experience.  Our Integral Development Coaching programmes are a supportive way of integrating and anchoring the experience.

​It is important to be transparent about the nature of the Workshop and although the process of healing and integrating shadow wounds can be uncomfortable, it is not without profound rewards.  It is no wonder the work is referred to as the "Champagne" of development.

Before embarking on the workshop, there will be an opportunity to discuss your intentions and aspirations with one of our Certified Shadow Work facilitators so that a full assessment of one's readiness can be made.

What's included...

In addition to the workshop experience facilitated by our Certified Shadow Work practitioners the weekend includes all meals and refreshments, use of the venue and gardens, and a single occupancy bedroom with ensuite bathroom facilities. 


We also offer the opportunity of a one to one follow up discussion after the weekend with one of our facilitators to discuss your experience..


Friday 1 March '24 @2pm to Sunday 3 March '24 @4pm

Price: £750

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