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Development Circles

It is our long established belief that our development is predicated upon our capacity to be in relationship and community with others.

Development Circles are open to existing individual coaching clients.  It is a place to learn, experiment and reflect with a warm non-judgemental and sympathetic group of people, who are also on their own journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Development Circles are a rich source to learn to be in community with others, to learn to come as you are and practise to be more present.

Levitate Coaching Development Circles are a place to genetly nurture our growth.
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What is it......

Developmental Circles harness the remarkable power of collective dynamics to foster integral growth and personal transformation.  Scientific research consistently highlights the significance of group work in facilitating holistic development.  Studies have revealed that group coaching enables individuals to gain diverse perspectives, enhance self-awareness, and cultivate empathy and social skills. 


By engaging in meaningful interactions and witnessing the experiences of others, individuals can expand their cognitive and emotional capacities.  Moreover, group coaching provides a supportive environment for experimenting with new behaviours and challenging limiting beliefs.  This collaborative approach taps into the inherent human need for connection, amplifying personal growth and leading to lasting positive change.

The Science...

Scientific research substantiates the transformative potential of group work in facilitating personal growth through experiential qualities.


A study conducted by Johnson and Johnson (2009) demonstrated that group interactions promote cognitive, affective, and behavioural changes.  Additionally, a meta-analysis by Wampold, Mondin, Moody, Stich, and Benson (1997) revealed that group therapy fosters empathy and social skills, allowing individuals to develop a greater understanding of others' perspectives and fostering interpersonal connections.

These scientific findings collectively highlight the significance of group work in bringing about transformative experiences and integral development.

How do I sign up...

Development Circles are not necessarily part of everyone's developmental path, although in our experience clients are drawn to them in the course of their development.  Our coaches will be making an ongoing assessment throughout the engagement about the suitability and benefit of group coaching.  If it is something you feel drawn to or want more information on, please discuss it with us.


Participating in a Development Circle is not mandatory and you are not required to take up the suggestion.  Choosing either way will not impact the quality of your coaching or the relationship with your coach.  We simply offer this to our clients where we feel an additional experiential layer of development might be called for in our client's development, something which might not be available to them otherwise.


Sessions usually last about 2 hours and are part of a regular cycle taking place every 1 or 2 weeks usually stretching over a 4 - 8 week period. 


Those that decide to take up our suggestion to participate in a Development Circle, are signing up to join all the sessions in the cycle so that we can maintain a consistent group presence.  This is to encourage continuity in the discussions and to create a safe and comfortable environment for everyone to interact with one another.

Groups are made up of between 6 - 12 people and sessions are guided by one of our experienced group coaches.

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